We are half-way through! I pray that God has blessed you over the past few weeks through His Word! I know His Word never returns void…praise His holy name.

And say to Archippus, “See that you fulfill the ministry that you have received in the Lord.” 4:17

This is one of only two mentions of this man, Archippus, in Scripture. The other time is in Paul’s letter to Philemon, and he is addressed as a “fellow soldier.” I am so encouraged by Paul’s words to this “unknown” man. We have no idea what ministry assignment God had given him. He could have been a deacon or an elder. He could have been a Sunday School teacher. He could have sung in the choir. He could have run the soundboard. He could have been a small group leader. He could have scrubbed floors in the house where they met. He could have held babies through the church service. He could have been a toilet cleaner. It doesn’t matter. God, through Paul, gave that exhortation specifically to Archippus to fulfill whatever it was. His ministry was of utmost importance in God’s kingdom, no matter how it appeared to human eyes. My purpose is to fulfill whatever ministry God has given me, and to be faithful with it…no matter what…see that WE also fulfill the ministry that we have received in the Lord, to the praise and glory of His Son.