I love the application we receive from Paul’s words in 4:8, “I have sent him (Tychicus) to you for this very purpose…that he may encourage your hearts.” We see however the application only as we assess the book as a whole. We need to look back to 2:2, “I want you to know how great a struggle I have for you…that [your] hearts may be encouraged…”
In 2:2, Paul was PRAYING, STRUGGLING for the Colossians, that their hearts would be encouraged. And then HE, HIMSELF, sent the answer to the very request. He sent Tychicus with “the very purpose” of encouraging them (4:8). For what am I praying, to which I can be the answer, by the leading of the Spirit? Am I praying for someone to receive Christ, and yet haven’t opened MY mouth with the Gospel? Am I praying about a relationship mend, yet withholding forgiveness? For what are you praying, to which you can be the answer?
Glory to Jesus. He is worthy.