“Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake…” 1:24

As I spoke those words today I was struck by Paul’s love for the Colossians, so much so that he is joyful when he is suffering in a Roman prison FOR THEIR SAKE. I asked myself, “how is a divine love for people evident in my life?” I believe there are three tangible ways to evaluate how well I am “suffering” for others’ sake:

  1. my checkbook…where am I spending my money?
  2. my schedule…where am I spending my time?
  3. my prayer journal…for whom am I persistently praying?

A correct understanding of the Gospel says we don’t do for others in order to earn favor with God, but rather we do for others in response to the abundant, glorious favor we have been shown. The love of Jesus has so filled our hearts that it naturally overflows to those around us. May God change us to be more like Him by the power of the Gospel.