I am currently 40,000 feet in the air on a plane flying to Houston, Texas, sitting in the window seat, staring out a window full of sparkling blue skies. We are soaring above a solid blanket of glowing white pillowy clouds as far as the eye can see. (And as a remarkable gift of God, I have an empty middle seat next to me on a “completely full flight.” Thanks, Southwest.)

I’m headed to Lit Conference, an event being offered by Living Proof Ministries and Bible teacher Beth Moore this weekend. It’s specifically catered for women in their twenties and thirties who believe that they have the spiritual gift of teaching. Ms. Beth released a Bible study on 2 Timothy called Entrusted last September focusing on the Paul-Timothy paradigm of mentorship. While writing it, she felt compelled to speak to those with a similar gifting but she knew she needed to keep the content of the study fairly general. Thus, the Holy Spirit birthed this event in her heart to give her an opportunity to pour into the younger generation of teachers/communicators.

The conference sold out in five minutes after going live at 9 a.m. CST on Black Friday morning and many women were left disappointed without a ticket. I say that to express that I am fully and acutely aware of the privilege, honor, and grace straight from Jesus to allow such an incredible opportunity to attend this event.

It has obviously been a frequent conversation piece between me and the Lord in the past several weeks and I’m praying for five specific things from him this weekend. Could I be so bold as to unashamedly ask for your prayers as well?

  1. For God to show up. Is there a much better prayer? Apart from him, we can do nothing. A single moment in his presence is worth a lifetime of learning. We are desperate for his Spirit to be active in that place and in our hearts.
  2. For protection from the enemy. That dude is hating what he knows can and will happen out of this gathering. He’s going to be working overtime. Pray against him, his workers, their schemes, and their effects.
  3. For retention of everything that is meant for my hearing and my ministry. I’m eager to hear a word from the Lord that he intended for me and the further development of my calling and gifting. Pray that I get it and grab it.
  4. For a FUN weekend. No explanation needed. Who doesn’t want fun? And if the Author of fun is there, I’m pretty sure he intends for it to be present too.
  5. For an opportunity to grow my network of Jesus-loving, call-pursuing, Bible-teaching women in my generation. Pray against any feeling of inadequacy, intimidation, or insecurity. Pray that I won’t desire anyone else’s calling, gifting, or ministry but will continue to embrace my own.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this experience with you. And moreover thank you for any prayer that you are compelled to utter on my behalf. I don’t ask for it lightly and I certainly don’t take it for granted. I know you have many items of much greater weight on your prayer list and I will simply trust the Holy Spirit to bring me to your remembrance as he sees fit.

Well, we are starting our descent and look at that: the setting sun is now painting colors and shadows all over that smooth blanket of white. What a reminder that the Great Artist is still creating his masterpiece of grace that is this wretch’s life, and Lord-willing this weekend will add a few new magnificent strokes of color with his sovereign paint brush.

To God be all the glory, now and forever.