It’s been several weeks since I had the privilege of teaching at She Is, our fall women’s ministry event. I had the blast of my life and I absolutely can’t wait for God to orchestrate another opportunity like it. If you want to watch the beautiful and captivating recap videohere it is!

Although we had a packed house, I know that some of you weren’t able to attend, whether because of schedule or distance. If you’re interested in listening to the message (three sessions), we have made it available on my church’s sound cloud account and the links are included in this blog post.

It is such a privilege to teach God’s word and I’m honored to be able to serve you through this recording. Lastly, I want to be sure to recognize and thank everyone who contributed to She Is in any possible way. Without all of your efforts, this opportunity would not have happened. I’m so blessed by each of you!

SESSION 1 (61 min)   SESSION 2 (51 min)   SESSION 3 (12 min)

Much love to you and please know that I’m praying for God to continue using his gorgeous message that he graciously gave me the privilege of delivering.

~Courtney <3