My heart was broken yesterday as a friend of mine shared that her mom had passed away suddenly, when she was just nine years old. She is well into adulthood and made the statement, “I often wonder what my life would’ve been like if she had lived. I probably would have lived a much happier life.” Please pray for her.

My heart was broken yesterday for one of the students at the school where I work. No, not the student who broke his arm in two places and possibly needed surgery. No, it was the little three-year old girl who was wearing eye-liner and mascara. Her mom put it on her, obviously. Now, I am not trying to say that make-up on little girls is wrong, sometimes it is surely harmless. I just wonder what that is teaching that tiny heart and mind about her beauty…maybe that she’s not pretty enough, just the way she is–even at three? Please pray for her.

My heart was broken yesterday when I received an email from a missionary. Not because he shared a touching story about his ministry, no. But rather, because I know his daughter is here in the U.S. and is struggling something fierce with a broken heart. She has been dating/living with a guy for about a year and they just broke up because he cheated. Now, I’m not trying to say that he should not be on the field because of his daughter’s choices. I just know that this is a missed opportunity for her to be loved on and drawn to Christ through her dad. My heart is sad for her. Please pray for her.

In the midst of all those other experiences, I also observed a father talking to his son. Here are a few of the things the boy learned:

To not be afraid when he goes to bed. When he lies down, he will sleep nicely and pleasantly.

To walk safely and not let his feet stumble.

To not be afraid of something bad happening–like mommy or daddy dying–because no matter what, God is always there for him.

To be nice to people and to give them what they deserve whenever he can.

To be honest, the thought of being a parent is terrifying to me–and that may be an understatement…I know that everything I do will impact another life. BUT I know that God, the Perfect Father, has given me everything I need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3) and I trust that promise. I appreciate every opportunity to “learn” and “practice” on my friends’ children. But most of all, I appreciate God’s Word and the Holy Spirit who teaches it to me.

That father-son conversation I observed is Proverbs 3:21-27. It gave me a reminder that everything I need is in Christ and His Word. My children, even though they have yet to be born, challenged me to know Scripture better and get it IN me, so that IT is the only thing that flows out of me. Please pray for me.